Agnipath Scheme: Agniveer Recruitment 2022- 46000 Vacancies

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Agnipath Scheme: Agniveer Recruitment 2022- 46000 Vacancies.

The Union Cabinet today approved an attractive recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces. The scheme is called AGNIPATH and the youth selected under this scheme will be known as Agniveers.

AGNIPATH allows patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.  The AGNIPATH Scheme has been designed to enable a youthful profile of the Armed Forces. 

It will provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to don the uniform by attracting young talent from the society who are more in tune with contemporary technological trends and plough back skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower into the society. 

As for the Armed Forces, it will enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces and provide a fresh lease of ‘Josh’ and ‘Jazba’ whilst at the same time bring about a transformational shift towards a more tech savvy Armed Forces – which is indeed the need of the hour.  It is envisaged that average age profile of Indian Armed forces would come down by about 4-5 years by implementation of this scheme.    The  national  stands  to  immensely  benefit  by  infusion  of  highly inspired  youth  with  deeper understanding  of selfdiscipline,  diligence  and focu s  who  would  be  adequately skilled and will  be  able  to  contribute  in  other sectors. The  dividends  of  a  short  military  service  to  the  nation,  society  and the  youth  of  the  nation  are  immense.

This  includes  inculcation  of  patriotism, team  work,  enhancement  of physical  fitness,  ingrained  loyalty  for  the  country and  availability  of  trained  personnel  to  boost  national  security  in  times  of external  threats,  internal  threats  and  natural  disasters. This  is  a  major  defence  policy  reform  introduced  by  the  Government to usher  in  a  new  era  in  the  Human  Resource  policy  of  the  three  Services. The policy,  which  comes  into  immediate  effect,  will  hereafter  govern  the  enrolment for  the  three services.

Benefits  to  the  Agniveers:

Agniveers will  be  given  an  attractive customised  monthly  package  along with  Risk  and  Hardship  allowances  as  applicable  in  the  three  services.  On completion  of  the  engagement  period  of  four  years, Agniveers will  be  paid  one time  ‘Seva  Nidhi’  package  which  shall  comprise  their  contribution  inclu ding accrued  interest  thereon  and  matching  contribution  from  the  Government equal  to  the  accumulated  amount  of  their  contribution  including  interest  as indicated  below:

The  ‘Seva  Nidhi’  will  be  exempt  from  Income  Tax.  There  shall  be  no entitlement  to  gratuity  and  pensionary  benefits.   nonAgniveers will  be  provided contributory  Life  Insurance  Cover  of  Rs  48  lakhs  for  the  duration  of  their engagement  period  in  the  Indian  A rmed  Forces.


1. A transformative reform of recruitment policy of the Armed Forces.

2.  A unique opportunity to the youth to serve the country and contribute to Nation Building.

3. Armed Forces profile to be youthful and dynamic.

4. Attractive financial package for the Agniveers.

5. Opportunity for Agniveers to train in the best institutions and enhance their skills & qualifications.

6. Availability of well disciplined and skilled youth with military ethos in civil society.

7. Adequate re-employment opportunities for those returning to society and who could emerge as role models for the youth.

Terms & Conditions:

Under the AGNIPATH scheme, the Agniveers will be enrolled in the Forces under respective Service Acts for a period of four years. They would form a distinct rank in the Armed Forces, different from any other existing ranks. Upon the completion of four years of service, based on organisational requirement and policies promulgated by the Armed Forces from time-to-time, Agniveers will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Armed Forces.

These applications will be considered in a centralised manner based on objective criteria including performance during their four-year engagement period and up to 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers will be  enrolled  in  regular  cadre  of  the  Armed  Forces.  Detailed  guidelines  will  be issued  separately.

Enrolment  will  be  undertaken  through  an  online  centralised  system  for all  three  services  with  specialised  rallies  and campus  interviews  from recognised  technical  institutes  such  as Industrial  Training  Institutes  and National  Skills  Qualifications  Framework, among  others.  Enrolment  will  be based  on  ‘All  India  All  Class’  basis  and  the  eligible  age  will  be  in  range  from 17 .5  to  21  years.

Agniveers will  meet  the  medical  eligibility  conditions  laid down  for  enrolment  in  the  armed  forces  as  applicable  to  respective categories/trades.  The  educational  qualification  for Agniveers in  vogue  for  enrollment  in  various will  remain  as categories.  {For  example:  For  entry  into General  Duty  (GD)  soldier,  the  educational  qualification  is  Class  10}.

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