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How to Put Grievance in Sparsh Portal? How to Select Various Options?

Whatever is your problem, there is a solution in SPARSH. Just have a look towards the common problems and solutions provided by the SPARSH. (Information source – official website of SPARSH).


I am receiving lesser payment than the sanctioned amounts in my PPO. How do I report such incorrect payments in SPARSH?
You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Elements of Pension


My PPO doesn’t have some elements I’m entitled for, and I am not being paid the same. How do I report such incorrect payments in SPARSH?
You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Elements Not Sanctioned in Pension


My tax has been deducted wrongly. How do I report such incorrect deductions in SPARSH?
You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Deduction


My amount for recovery is being displayed incorrectly in my PPO. How do I report such incorrect deductions in SPARSH?

You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Deduction


I have registered a Grievance in SPARSH. How can I track it?

You can raise & track grievances in SPARSH.
For unregistered users (without login credentials), For registered users (with valid login credentials).


How can I claim Constant Attendant Allowance?

You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Elements Not Sanctioned in Pension.


How to intimate about overpayments to the disbursing agency?

You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Elements of Pension.


What should I do if I am not getting dearness relief?

You can raise a payment related grievance for the same by logging into your SPARSH account.

Log in to your SPARSH account, and go to: Grievances > Payment Related > Elements of Pension.


Can I raise a grievance against a service request?
Yes. You can raise a grievance against a completed Service Request by providing details of the service request for reference (Request ID, Request Date etc.).


Whom and how to approach if I am not getting correct pension?

You can raise a payment related grievance for the same using any of the following modes:
1. Log into your SPARSH account
2. Call the SPARSH Helpline
3. Visit the nearest Service Center

State Bank of India (SBI) Junior Associate Recruitment 2023: 8000+ Vacancies

#BreakingJobNews #SBI

State Bank of India (SBI) Junior Associate Recruitment 2023: 8000+ Vacancies

SBI Clerk 2023

State Bank of India (SBI) has published a notification regarding the recruitment of Junior Associate posts. Read full news here.


More than 8000 vacancies announced.


The candidate must be a graduate.


Between 20-28 years as on 01 Apr 2023 (Relaxation as per government rules).

Important Dates:

Starting Date of Online Application – 16 Nov 23.

Closing Date of Online Application – 07 Dec 23.

How to Apply?

1. Candidates are requested to read full notification before applying for the post. Official website as mentioned below:

Click Here for Official Website

2. Register online as per steps given in official notification.

3. Keep one copy of online application form for future reference.

For More Latest Job Notification click below:

SPARSH SEMINAR: Recent Issues & Discussion by CGDA

SPARSH SEMINAR: Recent Issues & Discussion by CGDA

A seminar on SPARSH was organized by CGDA in New Delhi which was named Raksha Pension Samadhaan Ayojana. Large number of ESM attended the seminar. The gist of the seminar is as below :


(a) Pension shall not be stopped in any circumstances rises due to implementation /migration to SPARSH.

(b) A smart Card will be given to all pensioners which contains all details like PPO, Pension slip etc.

(c) The Defence Secretary promised that till all the difficulties/faults are removed from SPARSH and made it user friendly, it will not be thrust on the pensioners.

(d) Thorough planning become carried out to make migration into SPARSH easy.

(e) Payment of pension shall be accomplished on the remaining working day through banks from wherein the pensioner is drawing his pension.

(f) There shall be no postpone in disbursal of pension. In the legacy machine there has been put off in remittance of pension by using three to six months.

(g) As on date 19.80 lakh pensioners have been migrated. The gift migration is set 1 lakh new pensioners in keeping with month.

In the seminar it was discussed about the Problems Encountered by users and administrators as follows:

Data in PPOs of earlier retires of pre – 1960 are illegible.

Identification of pensioners – Very difficult.

1 lakh Gurkha pensioners are not yet migrated.

Aadhaar Card and mobile nos were not supplied by banks and other PDAs in some cases.

Wrong payment of commutation was detected.

40% of pensioners were not paid correct pension (by banks/treasuries).

Unless data of those not yet migrated, further migration is put on hold.

User id and password will be given within 15 days of migration.

ECHS sought to be integrated with SPARSH.

Grievances can be sent in five modes like email, SMS, WhatsApp, Call centre of PCDA (Pensions), from home, through CSCs / Banks etc.

CGDA concluded MOU with CSCs. Initially it was only 1,100 but expanded to 4.70 lakhs such that every village has CSC.

SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, HDFC, DIAV, Record Offices are connected for easy transfer of data / grievances. Banks also will act as SPARSH nodal centres.

Smart Card will be issued to all pensioners containing all data. It can be used for availing benefits offered by Railways, Airlines, CSD, telecoms companies, interest subsidy offered by banks / State govts, concession offered in any type of purchase, home loans by banks etc.

Mr Himanshu Tripathi, Dy CDA from Office of PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj As expressed by the defence authority, SPARSH is a learning process for the Defence Accounts Department staff. The software of SPARSH is being improved with receipt of inputs from social medial, YouTube channels, Ex-Servicemen Associations and Ex-Servicemen who lodge grievances.

The Min of Def is kind enough to extend period of submission of ALC from one month (November) to three months (till 31 Jan 2024). 

(a) The data will continue to be collected every month till all 33 lakh pensioners are migrated.

(b) Updating Mobile Nos, Email Address, Postal Address etc. Provision has been made in the software by which the pensioner can update his mobile no, Email Address and postal address.

(c) 2,50,000 pensioners do not have Aadhaar cards.

(d) Status of Migration. Pensioner can see whether he is migrated to SPARSH or not by going into portal of SPARSH. A link is given where one has to enter his Aadhaar No / mobile no / service no etc.

(e) SMS will be sent once a pensioner is migrated.(g) Pension will be credited only on the last working day.

(g) Identification of defence civilians like in MES, BRO, Ordnance Factories, Civilians working in various Armed Forces establishments like Army Base workshops, CODs, CADs, formation HQs, Ministry of Defence etc has become problematic.

(h) There are some channels gives incorrect or deliberately wrong information about SPARSH.

(j) Pension slips of banks is different. Hence delay in standardising all of them.

(k) Issue of Corr PPOs is delayed. But the same is being expedited.

(l) Income Tax Deduction. There are problems in deducting correct income tax. More work is required to deduct correct amount of income tax.

(m) NRIs. Now NRIs can submit their annual life certificate after it is issued by Indian embassy / high commission/ consulate through email.

Other issues covered are as under :

(a) Speed of migration is fast hence many errors have crept in.

(b) CPENGRMS give us many complaints from pensioners.

(c) CSCs which are in villages are to be strengthened for defence pensions.

(d) Aadhaar name is asked from the pensioners. It should have been Aadhaar Number which is unique to the pensioners. The mobile no, service no and bank account no are unique. This has caused lot of anguish and unrest among the pensioners. TCS should modify their software.

(e) He promised that unless all problems in SPARSH being faced by the pensioners, it will not become mandatory.

(f) SPARSH should be more user friendly.

(g)Data rectification is not being done in SPARSH.

(h) TCS and SPARSH team should work to resolve the problems of pensioners facing in use of SPARSH.

My Durga

শুধু প্যান্ডেল এ প্যান্ডেল এ কেন এই পুজোতে আপনার বাড়ির দূর্গা কে দিন মায়ের রূপ। নিচের ক্লিক এ ক্লিক করুন, যাকে দুর্গা রূপ এ দেখতে চান তার পিকচার আপলোড করুন।

Not all Durgas reside only in temples, and pandals. This Pujo, celebrate the Durga in your home by transforming her into the goddess

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DR Rule Upon Re-employment of Armed Forces Personnel of India

It has been noticed that at the time of submission of Life Certificate through SPARSH Portal, there are options whether you are reemployed or not.   Most  people select the “No” option.  In case of PBOR who are reemployed and selected the Reemployed Status as ‘Yes’, their DR may be deducted from pension. as per Regulation 83(a) of PRA 2008 Part -II.   This happened with thousands of Defence Pensioners.  

The thing they might have missed that as per Regulation 83(c), PRA 2008 Part-II, they need to upload a certificate in the effect that their pension has been ignored for fixation of pay at the time of pay fixation in their new reemployed post .   

Pay fixed at higher stage due to Advance increment is also allowed to get DR in Pension as his pay fixation is to be treated as “Fixed at Minimum stage”. It also be mentioned in the certificate that Your pay at the reemployed post has been fixed at the minimum of pay scale of the reemployed post.

In Case of commissioned officers, they are not allowed to draw DRT in Pension in case of reemployed in Govt Dept.  They should know the detailed rules and regulations in this matter which are mentioned in the succeeding paragraphs.

Regulation  83. (a)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

(a)  If a pensioner is re-employed under the Central or State Government or a Corporation/Company/ Body/Bank under them in India or abroad including permanent absorption in such Corporation/Company/Autonomous Body/Bank, he shall not be eligible to draw dearness relief on pension during the period of such re-employment and he shall be required to furnish a certificate of non-employment or re-employment as in Appendix XVIII (3) to these Regulations once in a year in the month of November.

Regulation  83. (b)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

(b)  In the event of non-production of non-employment or reemployment/employment certificate, the payment of dearness relief on pension shall be stopped until the pensioner produces the same.

Regulation  83. (c)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

(c) The payment of dearness relief shall be allowed to re-employed Armed Forces pensioner in the case of those who held the rank below the rank of Commissioned Officer, subject to furnishing a certificate to the Pension Disbursing Authority concerned by the Armed Forces authority or Central Govt. Dept. concerned including subordinate organisation employing Armed Forces Pensioners and maintaining service records of the re-employed pensioner retired from military service that :-

(i)    The entire amount of pension sanctioned by the Central Government was ignored in the fixation of the pay on re-employment i.e. no part of pension was taken into account in such fixation of pay in the pay scale of the post in which the Armed Forces personnel was re-employed.

 (ii)    The pay of the re-employed pensioners was/is fixed at the minimum of the pay scale of the post in which he had/has been re-employed after discharge from Armed Forces.

Regulation  83. (d)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

The payment of dearness relief on family pension to employed family pensioners shall remain payable during the period of employment.

Regulation  83. (e)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

A pensioner employed outside India under a foreign Government or a private organisation shall remain eligible for dearness relief on pension/family pension.

Regulation  83. (f)  of Pension Regulation for the Army Part-II

(f) On cessation of re-employment the payment of dearness relief shall be resumed by the Pension Disbursing Authority.


1. Pensioners who held the rank of Commissioned Officers are not entitled for dearness relief on their pension during the period of their re-employment.

2. The pay fixed at a higher stage because of advance increments and where no protection of the pay last drawn has been given , the pay shall be treated as fixed 66 Pension Regulations for the Army, Part II (2008) at the minimum only for the purpose of ignoring the entire pension and allowing dearness relief.



1) RC is required by ESM/Widows for enrollment of their Sons/Daughters in Defence Forces or Education Quota purposes.

2) RC is issued by own Record Office and NOT by the ZSB or KSB.

3) RC is issued ONLY ONCE by Record Offices.


(a) AF ESM/Widows have to download a Form (available in CASB website) and fill up.

(b) Submit the Form along with a copy of Discharge Book at the Airmen Selection Rally. 

(c) If selected, Airmen Selection Centre will verify your son’s details from DAV. If there is any mismatch, they will intimate you.

(d) If your son has qualified in Selection Tests and his Name & DOB are correctly verified by your Record Office, then 10% of marks he scored in tests will be added as Extra Marks, befor making the All India final Merit List.

5) Army and Naval ESM/ Widows should apply TO YOUR RECORD OFFICE through ZSB, to get RC from RO/NAVPEN.


A) Documents Required:-

1) Personal Application. 

(a) To be addressed to your Senior Record Officer, in three copies, in original.

(b) Keep enough space at the bottom of the application for ZSB Secretary’s signature with stamp.

2) An Affidavit Format. 

(a) It is not an Affidavit but Only an “Affidavit Format” on Rs 10/- Non Judicial Stamp paper. 

(b) To be signed by ESM/Widow. 

(c) Affidavit format NOT REQUIRED TO BE NOTARISED. Naval ESM may give Notarised Affidavit. 

(d) One recent Joint photo of ESM/Widow with Child, to be affixed on the top right corner of the Affidavit Format. Photo should in light/white colour dress. 

(e) To be given in Original.

3) Discharge Book. Photocopy of all pages, attested by ZSB. 

Note-1: If your child’s name is not endorsed in your Discharge Book and Service Records please apply first for endorsement and Part-2/NAVPEN Orders. 

Note-2: If there is any mistake in your Child’s Name and DOB please first apply to get it amended in Service Records and Discharge Book, then only apply for RC.

4) PPO. – One photocopy.

5) Extra Two Joint Photos. 

(a) Photo of ESM/Widow with the Child. 

(b) Two Photos to be given in a small envelope. 

(c) ZSB Clerk will write your Number, Rank and Name on the backside of both photos.

(d) Photos should be of passport size, and in light colour dresses.

(e) Both photos should be attested by the Secretary, ZSB on the backsides. 

Note:- You have to take your child along with you to ZSB, for verification of photo.

6) Birth Certificate(BC).  BC of Child is to be attested by Secretary ZSB. It’s a mandatory requirement. If any mismatch in Name or DOB with Discharge Book,  please first apply to amend in Service Records and get Part-2 Order which you can attach with your RC application. 

7) Matriculation Certificate. 10th Board Certificate is mandatory and should be self attested and verified by ZSB. 

8) Other Educational Certificates. Self attested photocopies of 12th Class Certificate and other Educational and talent related Certificates if available, may be Attached.   

9) ADHAAR Card Copy. Mandatory requirement. Name and DOB must be correct as per Discharge Book.

10) VOTER Card Copy. 

11) PAN Card Copy। 

Note: All documents are to be self attested.

B) Take all Documents to ZSB, along with original documents and get it verified.

C)  After Verification your application will be recommended by Secretary, ZSB.

D) One copy of Application will be kept at ZSB. One given to you for your retention. One original copy of Application, along with all attached documents, will be handed over to you to speed post to your Record Office. 

E) Record Office will make and send a Relationship Certificate directly to your home. For Naval ESM, NAVPEN may send RC to ZSB. ZSB will intimate you for collection.

F) Entire process may take around 3 months.





Note-1: If Child’s Name is to be changed completely, then proof of old and new name with photo required.

Note-2: If Both Name and DOB of Child are wrong in AF RECORDS, then apply to change both together.  

Note-3: Remember, Complete change of First Name, middle name, Surname and DOB will not be accepted, as same will be taken as impersonation. 

To change Child’s Name or DOB or ‘Name & DOB together’ in IAF records take following STEPS:-



(a) ESM/Widows will sign. 

(b) 3 original ink-signed copies to be given:-

(i) ONE copy to be sent to DAV by you along with all supporting documents.  

(ii) One copy for ZSB, without any attached documents.

(iii) One copy will be given to You as receipt copy. You should keep one full set of documents for future reference.

(c) Application must be in English language and Addressed to DAV.

(d) Rank, Name, S.No., Date of Retirement, PPO No, etc of ESM to be written. Widow must write her name and then details of ESM. 

(e) Child’s wrong ‘Name and DOB’ and ‘Proposed Name and DOB’ are to be mentioned along with reason for change. 

(f) Leave adequate space at the bottom of the application for stamp and signature of Secretary ZSB Barasat.

(g) Give the address where you actually stay and will be able to receive letters from DAV.


(a) Given in original and Self Attested by ESM/Widow. 

(b) For Minor, ESM/Widow will give. Adult Child will give from himself/herself and self-attest. 



(a) If both Name & DOB are to be changed, then TWO SEPARATE AFFIDAVITS are to be prepared, one for Name and other one for DOB.

(b) For Name change it should be from 1st Class Judicial Magistrate. Notary will not be accepted. For only DOB correction, Notary may be accepted. 

(c) ESM/Widow to sign for Minor Child. Adult child will sign him/herself.  

(d) Paste Child’s current passport size colour photo. ESM/Widow for Minor child/Adult Child himself will sign accross the photo, avoiding face area. 

(e) For Male Child, Left Hand and for Female Child, Right Hand five Fingers impression are required. 

(f) Single and Original copy Affidavit required.


(a) Newspaper Ad is required for change of Child’s Name or Name & DOB both. For only DOB Change Newspaper Ad NOT Required. 

(b) Ad to be given in ONE National English/Hindi/Bengali/Local language Newspaper.

(c) For Minor Child, ESM or Widow will give, but Adult child will give for him/herself.  

(d) If other than English language newspaper, the Text of the Ad must be in English language only.

(e) Advt should NOT be more than 1 yr old. 

(f) Ads in E-paper/Weekly papers/Online newspapers will not be accepted.

(g) Newspaper page, in which Ad is published, to be given in ORIGINAL, other pages not required. No photocopy will be accepted. 

(h) Highlight the Ad and fold it in such a way, to find easily.


(a) Mandatory Document.

(b) Child’s Name and DOB, written in DDMMYYYY format must match with proposed Name and DOB and also with other Civil Documents.

(c) To be attested by ESM/Widow for Minor Child and Adult Child will self-attest. 


(a) BC of child mandatory if born after 1985. 

(b) To be attested by ESM/Widow for Minor Child and self attested by Adult Child. 

(c) Name and DOB should match with proposed Name and DOB. BC should not have been given before, while taking POR for the birth of the child. 


(a) Submit Child’s 10th or 12th Board Certificates, if available. 

(b) Name/DOB and Father’s name should be correctly mentioned. Should be attested by ESM or Widow if child is Minor. Adult Child will self attest. 

Note-1: If BC is not available, then bring a Bona-fide certificate from school, with Name, DOB, Father’s Name and Address. Headmaster should sign with stamp on school Letter Head. 

Note-2: If child not gone to school, then a certificate from Municipality Chairman or Panchayat Pradhan to be given. 

7) SELF DECLARATION CERTIFICATE. NOT REQUIRED. Unless there is ambiguity in data. 


(a) If available, may be given.

(b) Name and DOB must be correct and matching with other documents.   

(c) DOB written in full DDMMYYYY format. 

(d) Should be attested by ESM or Widow if child is Minor. Adult Child will self attest. 


(a) Mandatory Document.

(b) Copy of original PPO, Corrigendum and EPPOs, if available, must be attached. 


STEP-2: Contact ZSB with above mentioned documents.

STEP-3: After verification of your Application, it will be recommended by the ZSB Officer.

STEP-4: Please submit one copy of Application, without documents to ZSB and keep one full set copy with you. 

STEP-5: You need to Speed Post or Registered Post one original copy of Application, along with all supporting documents to DAV. Please Do Not send by any courier service. 


Gp Capt AV (A&N) (Pre-06)

Air HQ, DAV 

AFRO Building

Subroto Park

New Delhi


Note: Please write (Pre-06) on top of Address, if you have retired before 01/01/2006. 

Email ID:-

HELPLINE: 011-25683170.

STEP-6: DAV will publish Name /DOB change POR and upload it in IAF Pensioner’s Portal and send a copy to ZSB, within 2-3months. 


Register Yourself in the website and then check, if your POR copy is uploaded in website. If available, then download and take a print. 

Website Name:-

STEP-7:  After downloading and printing of POR, please visit ZSB for endorsement in your Discharge Books. 

Note: Information given here are collected from various sources and individual need to Contact their respective Zila Sainik Board for current procedure.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Assistant Recruitment 2023: 450 Vacancies

#BreakingJobNews #RBI_Job

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Assistant Recruitment 2023: 450 Vacancies.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has published newspaper notification regarding the recruitment of Assistant posts. Pdf notification not yet published. Read full news here.


Total 450 vacancies out.


Candidates should be Graduate from Recognised University or Organisation with minimum 50% aggregate.

Age (As on 01 Sep 23):

Between 20 – 28 Years (Relaxation as per Govt Rules).

Important Dates:

Starting Date for Online Registration & Payment of Fee – 13 Sep 23.

Last Date for Online Registration & Payment of Fee – 04 Oct 23 .

How to Apply?

1. Candidates are requested to read full notification before applying for the post. Official website as mentioned below:

2. Register online as per steps given in official notification.

Click For Official Website

3. Keep one copy of online application form for future reference.

For More Latest Job Notification click below:

Log In Sparsh – Stepwise Process



All Those who received msg from the Bank, saying their Pension A/c has been migrated to SPARSH, please wait to receive your User ID & Password from SPARSH and then follow these Step by Step procedures as given below:-

After you get Sparsh user ID and  password the procedure detailed  step-by-step:-

Step-1: Open Website:-  Click on LOGIN.

Step-2: Enter both  USER NAME (14 digit) and  PASSWORD recieved from PCDA.

Note: Your USER NAME is your sparsh PPO number suffixed by 01, (suffix 02 in case of family pensioner) if password is not received go to FORGOT PASSWORD option, and key in OTP recieved by regd mobile. You will get initial password.

Step-3: I’m not a robot left side click.

Step-4:  Put NEW password.

Note: New Password should have Capital letter, Small letter, special characters @/#/ &, and Numbers. Please keep the USER ID / PASSWORD safely written for future use.

Step-5: Next LOG OUT.

Step-6: Again LOGIN using NEW password.

Step-7: ALERT screen shall come. Read & Click OK.

Step-8: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Undertaking of Refund of Excess Payment) will come. Read and click  NEXT.

Step-9: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Consent to use of Aadhaar to avail pensionary benefits through SPARSH will come.   Below I AGREE click YES & click NEXT.

Step-10:    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (Consent for receiving notifications on mobile number and email ID) shall come. Read & click ESIGN DECLARATION.

Step-11: CONFIRMATION. (You will be redirected to C-DAC website to eSign the declaration) will come. Read & click OK.

Step-12: On C-DAC Screen select AADHAR NUMBER. (If C-DAC window not come then unblock Pop up window. After that also if not come it means your mobile not linked with aadhaar. Then you need to link your aadhaar with mobile first).

Step-13: Enter your  AADHAR NO.

Step-14:  Select Aadhar OTP. Declaration Box. Touch and ensure Tick Mark. GET OTP. Click. SUBMIT click .

Here you shall get OTP 6 digit in registered Mobile number of Aadhar. Enter OTP. Click SUBMIT.

Step-15: We are processing your request, please wait…..

Step-16: Once Processing complete Acknowledgement shall come. Below that ‘Declarations file E-signed successfully’ can be seen. Click on Submit.

Step-17: CONFIRMATION. Do you wish to submit Declaration? Click OK.

Step-18: Acknowledgement (Your data has been submitted successfully. You will now be redirected to ‘Track Status’ ……….). Click on OK.

Step-19: Next screen that appears – press ‘Refresh’ . next  will come Screen/ information

Step-20: Log OUT  and log IN back again.

Step-21: In the Screen  touch the three *Line*  .
Next *My Profile* click .

Step-22: Next click on MANAGE PROFILE DETAILS – Update Profile. (Personal, Service, Family, Bank, Other, Nominee, Documents). Check and verify all details, you can correct all the errors here then press Next, Next ,……  details  and then click *UPDATE*.

(Note – To Amend Data  : you shall  click
Mark /Symbol in the Action column Or Left side near Details,  you shall see a pencil symbol, Click and  amend /do correction.)
Now you complete Personal Data Verification (PDV) .

Step-23: Log Out. 

Step-24:  You can use the  User Name and new password. Log in to submit . *Life Certificate*.

Note-1:- If you are pre-2016 pensioner, you will not be allowed to amend personal data, so sl no 21-22 will be by-passed. However, SPARSH is in the process of opening up this also shortly.

Note-2:- For migrated pensioners, who are unable to view their SPARSH PPOs, the same is under process by SPARSH and will be available once finalised by SPARSH.

Note-3:- Notwithstanding any of the above, PENSION WILL NOT BE STOPPED IF LC HAS BEEN COMPLETED.


In addition, to checking migration status as enunciated at Para 9 of Aide-Memoire, pensioner can also log in to SPARSH website:-


Hostel Warden Vacancy for Ex Service Men

#BreakingJobNews #Mumbai


Location: Indian Maritime University (Mumbai).

Educational & other qualifications required:

Essential: a) Ex-Navy / Coast Guard / Army / Air Force/Equivalent training or teaching establishments.

b) Minimum 15 yrs of Government Service (Preferably who has served 15 yrs of service in Navy/ Army / Air Force / Coast Guard).


a) Experience in Establishment like NDA / IN Academy / IMA / MTIs / College.

b) Service in MTIs as a Warden


Manage affairs of Cadets including their Grooming, Discipline, Good Conduct, Mustering, Leave, Hostel Maintenance etc. They are required to work in shifts.


Preferably below 60 years.


(a)Interested candidates meeting eligibility criteria for the above mentioned contractual posts, may fill their details in Bio-data available in the official website of IMU & send it to below mentioned email id along with scanned copies of all relevant certificates & documents.

E-mail id:

(b) Candidates should clearly mention the subject of the email as “Application for the post of  Hostel Warden. Duly filled-in & signed Bio-data Format as per attached format must be sent through email

(c)Last Date:

The CV are to be sent by 1500hrs on 04.09.2023

(d) Mode of Selection: Interview

NO TA/DA will be admissible for the interview.

(e)Date of Interview: Short listed candidates will be intimated by e-mail

(f)IMU reserves the right to in corporate any subsequent changes/ modifications/additions in the terms & conditions of recruitment process at any stage without intimation.

Link of Official Website for full notification:

Click Here

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