1) RC is required by ESM/Widows for enrollment of their Sons/Daughters in Defence Forces or Education Quota purposes.

2) RC is issued by own Record Office and NOT by the ZSB or KSB.

3) RC is issued ONLY ONCE by Record Offices.


(a) AF ESM/Widows have to download a Form (available in CASB website) and fill up.

(b) Submit the Form along with a copy of Discharge Book at the Airmen Selection Rally. 

(c) If selected, Airmen Selection Centre will verify your son’s details from DAV. If there is any mismatch, they will intimate you.

(d) If your son has qualified in Selection Tests and his Name & DOB are correctly verified by your Record Office, then 10% of marks he scored in tests will be added as Extra Marks, befor making the All India final Merit List.

5) Army and Naval ESM/ Widows should apply TO YOUR RECORD OFFICE through ZSB, to get RC from RO/NAVPEN.


A) Documents Required:-

1) Personal Application. 

(a) To be addressed to your Senior Record Officer, in three copies, in original.

(b) Keep enough space at the bottom of the application for ZSB Secretary’s signature with stamp.

2) An Affidavit Format. 

(a) It is not an Affidavit but Only an “Affidavit Format” on Rs 10/- Non Judicial Stamp paper. 

(b) To be signed by ESM/Widow. 

(c) Affidavit format NOT REQUIRED TO BE NOTARISED. Naval ESM may give Notarised Affidavit. 

(d) One recent Joint photo of ESM/Widow with Child, to be affixed on the top right corner of the Affidavit Format. Photo should in light/white colour dress. 

(e) To be given in Original.

3) Discharge Book. Photocopy of all pages, attested by ZSB. 

Note-1: If your child’s name is not endorsed in your Discharge Book and Service Records please apply first for endorsement and Part-2/NAVPEN Orders. 

Note-2: If there is any mistake in your Child’s Name and DOB please first apply to get it amended in Service Records and Discharge Book, then only apply for RC.

4) PPO. – One photocopy.

5) Extra Two Joint Photos. 

(a) Photo of ESM/Widow with the Child. 

(b) Two Photos to be given in a small envelope. 

(c) ZSB Clerk will write your Number, Rank and Name on the backside of both photos.

(d) Photos should be of passport size, and in light colour dresses.

(e) Both photos should be attested by the Secretary, ZSB on the backsides. 

Note:- You have to take your child along with you to ZSB, for verification of photo.

6) Birth Certificate(BC).  BC of Child is to be attested by Secretary ZSB. It’s a mandatory requirement. If any mismatch in Name or DOB with Discharge Book,  please first apply to amend in Service Records and get Part-2 Order which you can attach with your RC application. 

7) Matriculation Certificate. 10th Board Certificate is mandatory and should be self attested and verified by ZSB. 

8) Other Educational Certificates. Self attested photocopies of 12th Class Certificate and other Educational and talent related Certificates if available, may be Attached.   

9) ADHAAR Card Copy. Mandatory requirement. Name and DOB must be correct as per Discharge Book.

10) VOTER Card Copy. 

11) PAN Card Copy। 

Note: All documents are to be self attested.

B) Take all Documents to ZSB, along with original documents and get it verified.

C)  After Verification your application will be recommended by Secretary, ZSB.

D) One copy of Application will be kept at ZSB. One given to you for your retention. One original copy of Application, along with all attached documents, will be handed over to you to speed post to your Record Office. 

E) Record Office will make and send a Relationship Certificate directly to your home. For Naval ESM, NAVPEN may send RC to ZSB. ZSB will intimate you for collection.

F) Entire process may take around 3 months.

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